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Tea Leaf

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November 17th, 2006

12:30 am
Just wanted to see if that dang thing worked...
Current Mood: blahblah
Current Music: nada

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August 13th, 2004

07:51 pm - Freakin hilarious...

Your LJ Perfect Date
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Your Perfect Date false__pretense
You have dinner at an Indian restauratn
Afterwards you steal the bat mobile for a joyride
Your date asks you if you'd like to go out again
You say f*ck me
Chance you will get lucky - 97%
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07:13 pm - more boredom

What Kind of Geek are You?
Favourite Color
Your IQ is frighteningly high
You are a word nerd
Your strength is you actually have social skills
Your weakness is chocolate
You think normal people are interesting
Normal people think that you are disturbed
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07:07 pm - btw I'm stealing these from Selkie14.

What do your LJ friends say about you?
LJ Username
Favorite Color:
Favorite Scent:
Says you are sweet: funkyp526
Thinks you are mean: false__pretense
Wants to get to know you better: keeosu
Wishes to kiss you: elvisdied4you
Has nightmares about you: faeriechyld
Secretly desires to have sex with you: elvisdied4you
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If you want to have sex with me, just tell me!! haha, jk.
Current Mood: nerdynerdy

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07:04 pm - Sure, why not? Sounds good.
What Will Be Your Overly Melodramatic Death?
by Celaeno
Are you beautiful?
Your death:After five centuries of quiet life, the misunderstanding age will send hordes of pitchfork-wielding villagers to behead you and impale your heart on a stick.
Your parting words:"The treasure is buried... *death rattle*"
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06:59 pm - Whoa, that's hot!!
Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
Favorite Food:
Wants to Bang you:
This many times:38
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What a self esteem booster! A beautiful chick wants to bang me. SWEET!!

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August 12th, 2004

08:14 pm - Stole this from Selkie14
Your LJ Friend RPG Party by Jennifurret
Obligatory Love Interestfalse__pretense
Macho Guy who is really a softyfaeriechyld
Mysterious Girl with Hidden Pastkeeosu
Annoying Little Kidelvisdied4you
The Perfect One that Diesselkie14
Badguy gone Goodfunkyp526
The Androgynous Looking Onereelloserkid
Pointless Fanservice Hot Onereelloserkid
Furry Useless Mascotelvisdied4you
And the real villian is...selkie14
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August 9th, 2004

11:15 pm - Suck it dry!
What ATHF Charater Are You?! by bluntman
your LJ name
survey says
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August 7th, 2004

03:13 am - X-FEST
X-Fest totally rocked! I went Tiffany, her boyfriend, Ryan, and James, my neighbor. Well, it was lotsa fun. I saw Lesser Than Jake play and then The Used. The Used had a really good show. Then, Snoop Dogg was supposed to come on stage and I remembered that The Used had a meet and greet at 6:15 so I rushed over there at 6:20, by myself. Anyway, I met the bandmembers of The Used, and they were wicked awesome. They signed a promo for their new album coming out and I talked to them about how good their show was. On the promo, one of them drew flames at the top and another member noticed and said, "He likes you." That was the highlight of my day, meeting The Used. That promo thing is getting framed, btw. When I went back to join my friends, they had gone somewhere else. I was walking around and saw my friend, John, who also did my tattoo. We talked about Dave, my ex, I showed him my autographed promo thing, and I met his new girlfriend. The guy has a new girlfriend all the time. After that, I was back to wandering and looking for my friends I came with. I then ran into a friend I go to school wtih, Zack. He's friends with Ryan, so that's how i know him. He started talking bout Ryan and we agreed it sucks that Ryan isn't going to VU next year. He kept talking about Ryan so I said, "we broke up a while ago." He was like, "I just talked to that dude last night, and he didn't tell me you guys broke up." So he was shocked. Then, I was back to wandering. Luckily, I ran into a girl I used to work with at Toys R Us and her name was Sara. She was looking for her boyfriend, so we just wandered around together, looking for our friends. We caught up and talked. She was ranting about her boyfriend. Guess she doesn't have many girlfriends either. It was really refreshing to have a friend who wasn't stuck up her boy's ass. Everytime we saw him, she just said a couple of words to him and we went off looking for my friends again. Sara and I watched a lil bit of Korn and then went wandering again. We eventually found my friends and I got my cell from James and got Sara's number. She's my new friend. HAHA, how lame. Anyway, we watched Linkin Park and they were awesome, of course. They actually played more songs that I liked. They had a cool stage setup with anime videos on screens in the background. Project Revolution Tour rocked.
Current Mood: awakeawake
Current Music: Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard

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August 5th, 2004

04:52 pm - Cryin' again
I just talked to Ryan on MSN and was cryin my lil' eyes out. He doesn't know that of course, but I do. He said he might get a chance to call me later. I really hope he does. Watching some scenes from The Village, a cut short porch scene, but hey, i get to see some of it. Alright, back to doing nothing.
Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: The Village Porch Scene

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